Friday, March 21, 2008

Colin Tedford news

Colin Tedford, whose comic "The Eternal Soup" will appear in Candy or Medicine Vol. 3, is participating in multiple upcoming events and has a couple of new developments with his projects. From Colin:

1. Trees & Hills Distro Redesign
At long last, the Trees & Hills Distro Online is open for business again. I still need to upload most of the stock, but the world may once again via internet magic order the minicomics of VT, NH & west MA from one convenient place. Next I'll be renovating the main Trees & Hills site, plus putting up my own online shop.

2. New Monthly Free Comic
I am starting a free monthly comics flyer, tentatively named The Smudgeon, to be distributed throughout VT, NH & west MA and show off the comics being made among the trees & hills. The Smudgeon needs comics (of course), and it needs people to print and distribute it (and maybe a different name?). If you want to do any of those things, please email me at

3. Comics Art Show In Greenfield, MA
"Accounts of Events: Narrative Works by Connecticut Valley Artists" - Greenfield Community College Downtown Center, 270 Main Street, Greenfield, MA. Show dates: April 1 - May 29; Artists' Reception: Tuesday, 8 April, 6--8pm. This group exhibition shows the narrative art of cartoon and cartoon-related artists in New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts. Participants (in alphabetical order): Sarah Adam, E. J. Barnes, Prof. William H. Foster III, Gary Hallgren, Nevin Katz, Mark Martin, Mark Stacy, Colin Tedford, Anne Thalheimer. I plan to attend the reception, which will also function as April's Pioneer Valley Comics Schmooze. For more info, email E.J. Barnes (

4. Trees & Hills @ Granite State Comicon
I'll be staffing the Trees & Hills table at the Granite State Comicon in Manchester, NH on May 18. Marek Bennett will be presenting a special interactive, educational comics activity for all, which promises to be so cool that it can't be contained by our table.

5. Trees & Hills @ Broke Art Fair
I'll be staffing the Trees & Hills table at "Broke: The Affordable Arts Fair" in Peterborough, NH on May 31. The fair intends to promote innovative, affordable art outside of the traditional gallery system. It is part of Peterborough's "The Thing In The Spring" 3-day arts event, which will also feature concerts, movies, and more. More info as it becomes available.

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