Friday, March 28, 2008

Snow for Eli


After lots of hard working, my second mini album is completed!
It was actually done in late December 2007, but since I haven't got much time for an English translation it was not published sooner. The comic was quite successful here in Slovenia, because it was published in two languages: in Slovenian (by Stripburger) an in Italian (by Vivacomix)
In the web version, there is also a little song I composed and play it on my accordion, jut turn it off if it is annoying.
I'm planning to make some cheap prints in English too. If you are interested, please tell me, and you can get one for free, when they are done.
You can read the whole book here!


best wishes,

Domen finžgar


Colin Tedford said...

Hi Domen, I liked the comic quite a bit! The music was nice as well. I would certainly like to get ahold of a copy when you print it, and would be happy to send you one of my comics.

Before you print them, though (if you haven't already), it looks like there is a small typo in the part with the boy with the twigs: I imagine "whit dry wigs" is meant to be "with dry twigs".

Thanks for posting the comic!

finžgar said...

huh, thanks for the "twigs" notice, I should correct that mistake. Anyway, I am currently polishing the comic, because Topshelf comix said that they would love to publish it in their comix selection.
So when all will be done, I'll start to print some copies.

Until then,


Josh Blair said...


Topshelf, huh? That's great. I hope everything goes well with that and I look forward to having a print copy of this.