Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update from Kel Winser, cover artist for Vol. 3

Hi, there. My name is Kel and I drew the cover of Candy or Medicine Volume 3, due out April 15. I thought I'd stop by and let you all know a thing or two about what I do and where you can see it! I run a little comics organization called Linoleum Press ( where we (that's my cohort Rich Lillie and I) make little nuggets of comics goodness and post it on the site. You will find our portfolios with lots of great images for your eyes to drool at, online comic jams and information about our live comic jam events. The live events obviously only happen in the UK at the moment but we are looking into that! You can see pictures on the Web site though!
However, the online comic jam is open world wide and welcomes contributors from all over. The are
two plot lines currently running and feature some of the best UK small-press comics artists currently
running around the convention circuit here in the UK. Please go there, even if you draw a little, and
contribute the next panel in the ongoing adventures. All e-mailing details are on the site.

My own stuff is mostly slice-of-life or semi-autobiographical stories but I have also created a superhero
strip 'Jeff Legend' and his adventures can be read on Linoleum Press as well as on my blog along with any art I may be creating at the time, please stop by and take a
look - and don't forget to bookmark! Alternatively, become my friend on Myspace
( and get all the updates there!

One of my goals in life is to become an educator in the field of comics storytelling and cartooning. I
currently work in a high school as an Art Technician and I teach comics at after-school clubs. I am
planning to go into Art and Design teaching in September 2008, but continue to create and draw
comics as my own method of communicating my dreams, fears and anxieties.

Thanks for reading and enjoying my stuff. See you in the funnies!

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