Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Comic Book Day

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Copies of the Candy or Medicine Free Comic Book Day Special will be available at many locations across the country.

Stores local to me include the recently opened Cloud City Comics and Toys (DeWitt, NY), Play the Game, Read the Story (Carousel Mall, Syracuse, NY) , Bullseye's (N. Syracuse, NY), Comix Zone (N. Syracuse, NY), Recess Cafe (Syracuse, NY), Sugarpearl Espresso Bar (Syracuse, NY), Second Story Books (Syracuse, NY), Oswego Comic Shop (Oswego, NY) and Rickz Toyz (Fulton, NY). Thanks to Rob Moses for dropping them off at the last two.

Stores non-local to me include: Comics for Collectors (Ithaca, NY), Collector's Corner (Baltimore, MD), Jim Hanley's Universe (two locations in New York, NY), Zanadu (two locations in Seattle, WA), Chicago Comics (Chicago, IL), Jetpack Comics (Rochester, NH), Star Clipper (St. Louis, MO), Comic Fusion (Flemington, NJ), Dark Star Books (Yellow Springs, OH) and Richard's Collectibles (Greenville, SC).

Copies have also been sent to Shannon Smith (Virginia), Ray Negron (Georgia), Colin Tedford (New Hampshire) and Domen Finžgar (Slovenia) to pass out in their respective communities.

I'll also upload a PDF version to the Candy or Medicine Web site, MySpace page, ComicSpace page and this very blog. I'll always keep this in print, so it will be free with any order of Candy or Medicine and free at any conventions I'm attending in the future (This year, I'll probably only be at Ithacon and the Syracuse Heroes Expo).

Also, thanks to Jeff Kapalka of the Post-Standard for the shout out in yesterday's paper.