Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Colin Tedford updates

Fan favorite Colin Tedford, who contributed to Candy or Medicine Vol. 3 and the Free Comic Book Day Special, has a lot of interesting stuff on his plate, as he reports:

Citizens Awareness Network uses Spinning World. The August installment of Spinning World and its accompanying text are being distributed on flyers by Citizens Awareness Network as part of the Walk For A Nuclear-Free Future through the state of Vermont.

99 Doodles. The challenge: make 99 drawings. OK, maybe not that challenging without a deadline or anything, but when cartoonist Anthony Woodward started his and invited other people to go for it, I went for it. The drawings are all 4" x 6" for easy framing and will be for sale for $10 each (except the ones that are already gone). I will post a new one every Thursday; you can see the first few here.

Comics By Request. My other nutty little project: request a comic (ie supply a topic, constraint, etc.), and I will draw it! Have you been wishing I would draw comics about piecing together a healthy meal at a convenience store, or a trout assassinating JFK? Now's your chance to see it happen (but those two are already taken)! Submit your request here.

TWIG #5. The latest installment of Trees & Hills' free comics flyer, TWIG, is online for viewing, along with the PDF version you can print & distribute.

New Online Shop. My comics have been available for purchase online through Trees & Hills Distro, and will continue to be, but now I also have my own little web shop at my site. The only item so far is Before Sleep #5, but I will start adding original art on August 14 and plan to print at least two minicomics before the end of September.

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