Monday, September 15, 2008

Ithacon report

I had a lot of fun at Ithacon Saturday: I sold some books, met some interesting people, interested some people in contributing to Candy or Medicine and got some good deal on comics (such as New Gods #1 for $3, New Gods #11 for $1 and Jimmy Olsen #146 for a quarter). Here are some photos from the event.

I ran out of the Free Comic Book Day specials (and I thought I brought too many), and the free candy proved to be very popular.

Jay Lynch was impressed with the book, especially Kevin Richardson's contribution to Vol. 4 and to the quality of paper on which it is printed.

DC's Answer Man, Bob Rozakis, signed some copies of Green Lantern, Action Comics, Batman and Superboy for me.

Here's an original Captain 'Cuse comic strip from 1982 (the year before I was born) by Joe Orsak that I purchased from him. This strip ran in the Syracuse New-Times (for which I am a freelance writer) and later the now-defunct Syracuse Herald. I plan to frame this and hang it on my wall.

Ithacon is a really fun small show where a lot of the organizers, artists and exhibitors know one another and yet are very friendly and welcoming to new comers such as myself. The organizers host a mid-winter show in February, which I will not attend next year because my twins are due near then, but I hope to make it back to Ithacon one day. Thanks to Bill, Carmela and everyone else involved with Ithacon.

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