Monday, September 22, 2008

Westcott Fair recap

I had a really great time at the Westcott Cultural Fair yesterday. I handed out probably 50 or 60 of the Free Comic Book Day Specials and sold quite a few of the other issues (including comics by Steve Orlando and Cayetano Valenzuela). I picked up some free zines and Cayetano was kind enough to give me a copy of his new mini-comic (which I will review in a later post) and his book of poetry and illustrations.

The Candy or Medicine table. I ran out of candy and the FCBD special.

Not only did I meet people who are into comics and/or into mini-comics/zines, but also people who have never seen anything like Candy or Medicine before.I handed out comics to people from age 6 to 60. One woman purchased an issue for her 28-year-old son in Portland who makes (or made) zines. Someone else purchased one for her nephew, another for a friend in Illinois. There was a woman in her 40s who knew that Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May. I met a few people who picked up the Free Comic Book Day Special back in May, who purchased Vol. 3 at Cloud City Comics or who saw flyers around town. It's really cool to think that there are fans of Candy or Medicine even though it hasn't even been around for a year.

Dan of Esoteric Design/1000 Styles was set up next to me. He
traded me a sticker pack and a framed print for some comics.

I think one of the best things was not selling/giving comics to people who are already into comics/zines/etc., but to people who have never seen them before, especially younger kids. I spoke with a couple kids who said they wanted to make their own comic, and I encouraged them to and told them they should send something to me and that I'd publish it. I hope some of those same kids keep at it and do what they love to do and realize that even at age 9, they can make comics.

Stone carver Tom Huff set up on the other side of me.

Although I had to prove myself to the committee in order to receive approval to setup, the Westcott Fair was a very successful event and I would definitely set up there again. I'll just have to remember to bring a jacket next time and something to cover the comics (it was cold and drizzled a little bit).

The husband and wife team of Missy and Cayetano Valenzuela.
They sold a lot of mustache pillows.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table.

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