Monday, October 13, 2008

Mini-Comic Monday: The F.E.D.s

This is the inaugural "Mini-Comic Monday" post, which begins a weekly review of (a) mini-comic(s). This week's comics come from Steven Myers, who published F.E.D.s, currently in its fifth issue.

The F.E.D.s (Federation of Extra-Normal Defenders) is a superhero book, which is actually somewhat of an oddity in the mini-comic world. It's nice to see an underground take on superheroes. F.E.D.s #1 introduces us to John Chisolm, who acquires super powers in a scientific experiment gone awry. Chisolm's powers are similar to a superhero known as 1st Man, who mysteriously disappeared some years earlier.

Chisolm travels to Atlanta to meet Lizard Man, one of 1st Man's former colleagues, to learn more about this hero and his disappearance. While doing so, Chisolm and his friend, Roger, are thrown into the middle of busting up a jewelry heist. Issue #4 is labeled as the "Big Battle Issue," where the heroes battle the villainous Mr. Wonder.

In issue 5, John and Roger travel to Kansas City to enlist the aide of a superhero team known as the Kansas City kids. Interspersed throughout the issue are flashbacks to tales of 1st Man's adventures.

Myers' comics have a definite Marvel '70s superhero feel to them, somewhat campy yet action-packed, that is well executed. I like that it is a continuing storyline along with some subplots. It will be interesting to see where Myers takes this series. At $1 a piece, The F.E.D.s is worth the read. You can order issue by contacting Steven Myers at Also, check out his ComicSpace page. Myers expects to have three more issues completed, in this series that will top out at about issue 25, before SPACE 2009 in April.


Steven Myers said...

Very well written review, if I do say so myself! Nice to know when people "get" what I'm trying to do! One extremely minor note: my name is spelled "Myers".

Years ago, when thinking of topics for a comic, I started reading "Independent" books such as Astro City and The Atomics, and I thought: It IS possible to do super-heroes!

JB said...

the look of this one page reminds me a little of the old TMNT comics. Which is a very good thing.

I'll have to check these out.

Josh Blair said...

Sorry about that, Steven. I've correct all of the misspellings.

星爺Frank said...

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