Thursday, February 26, 2009

It took a while but I finally managed to create my own Website for my much loved (by me) comic strip 'Evil Ed and Nasty Ted'. Although it may not be everyones 'cup of tea' its a strange series of tales involving slapstick/gross out teenage comedy and the website tries its best to show this off to its best potential.
Ed and Ted has had various levels of success appearing in magazines such as 'Inaudible', 'Neo' and of course 'Candy or Medicine' as well as an upcoming appearence in 'Threat N Ink'. I love to get these guys out there and always seeking more zines to be published in.

On the site you will find a growing collection of strips as well as archived strips, classic strips first created in 2003, some Ed and Ted based pin ups and even a small collection of Fan Art. If you get the time please feel free to drop by at and let me know what you think, any opinions good or bad are always welcome as it helps me 'develop'...or go into a depression. Whatever comes first

The site is gradually developing with new strips added every few weeks as well as several 'feature length' strips you can only get my E-Mailing me for a copy!

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

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