Friday, March 26, 2010

Collections preview

As promised, here is a preview of Collections, an eight page mini-comic that will be out in April in time for SPACE. There will be a back cover illustration by JB Sapienza.

Also, I've included a poll at the bottom of this post about which color paper I should use. I'm debating on premium white, which I use for Candy or Medicine, green or yellow. The white paper is nice, and I have plenty on hand, but I would like this to stand out more. Green is the color of money, which goes along with the theme of the comic, and I have some on hand, but the art might not show up as good. Yellow is the color of gold, which kind of ties into the theme, and the art will show up better than green, but I would have to buy this. Let me know your thoughts!

(click images to enlarge)


JB inks said...

Nice! I can't wait to see what I drew & read the rest of your comic.

Colin Tedford said...

I don't know what color you should use, but I'll say that the art should show up fine unless you choose a dark green. I would just print a single copy on each color for comparison.

Colin Tedford said...

(dark green may work, but it's dicier - again, I'd do a test print)

toriori said...

i'd stick with white, and by the way when you try to send a submission inquiry to candy or medicine, you get a "can't deliver, recipient's inbox is full" message.

Josh Blair said...

I decided upon "Goldenrod" paper.

toriori: Thanks for letting me know. I'll have to check my inbox. The info (at ) candyormedicine (dot) com e-mail address is forwarded to my personal e-mail address, and while the GoDaddy spam filters don't forward spam, they do keep them in my domain's e-mail inbox, which can jam it up from time to time.