Monday, August 9, 2010

Vol. Eleven Peeking its Head Around the Corner

It seems like Volume Ten hit shelves not that long ago, but that's the way it goes with a quarterly publication that always hits its deadline. The submissions to Candy or Medicine Volume Eleven keep coming in, and there's some great stuff to look forward to. There will be a cover by Sam Spina (which even I still haven't seen), a three-page story by John Dimes, a four-pager by Kyle Baddeley, a one page comic by Derek Croston, another one page comic by Jim Gullett and a pin up by Britt Wilson. Plus four more pages to come.

Courtesy Sam Spina
Volume Eleven will be released around Labor Day, in anticipation for the Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 18, where it will make its official release. I'll post a preview of the cover and sample pages in the coming weeks.


O Arrow said...

Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Yippie!! I'm looking forward to it too!