Monday, January 24, 2011

Mini-Comic a Month Challenge for January 2011 Part 2 by Guest Contributor Kelly

Today, we have a guest Mini-Comic a Month contribution from Kelly. You can follow Kelly on Twitter here

Nurse Nurse #1-7
Available here

I love Katie Skelly's art and have been wanting some Nurse Nurse comics for a long time. After being rocked out by her Red Riding Hood story (, it felt just wrong not having any of her work, so I put the word out around the holidays that Nurse Nurse would be the perfect gift for me. And no one who claims to love me fulfilled this wish! Then I found out she had a sale going, special price for all seven, and treated myself. Can't wait to read these.

Burn Book: Hick
Burn Book: Hipster
Burn Book: Slut
Burn Book: Geek
Available here

These were created as the author's senior thesis at Hampshire College, and each issue dissects a different label. It's a lot of bang for your buck: they're 24-26 pages each, dense with comics, essays, interviews, and snippets. I love the mix of humor and introspection, and her candor makes for great reading. She posts autobio comics on her blog with amazing frequency--highly recommended.

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