Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mini-Comic a Month Challenge for February 2011 by Guest Contributor Kelly

Kelly sends in her second Mini-Comic a Month contribution. You can follow Kelly on Twitter here


Edited by Robyn Chapman
Available here

In my library, if you look under Bodily Functions you'll find an amusing variety of stuff, like the beautiful kids book, The Fartiste, lots of "what's happening to my body?" books for those hitting puberty, and comics about menstruation by Jen Vaughn, Cathy Leamy, Julie Doucet and Lisa Hanawalt. But nothing about bowel voiding--until now. I ordered this after reading the review in The Comics Journal, and sure enough, it is lovingly designed, and the contributions are quite solid (!) for an anthology.

AOA #1
Available here or here

Melinda Boyce has been making diary comics for years but I've only recently gotten wind of them. They're beautifully colored, and even at her most prolific she never seems to have resorted to any 'throwaway' offerings. Each one is a gem. For autobio comics I find them refreshingly upbeat. Boyce is very much in love with her b-friend (with whom she posts projects to their tumblr), and while that might provoke some gagging from the more jaded among us, it's kind of a beautiful thing.

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