Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mini-Comic a Month Challenge for April 2011: Aloha and The Island

Aloha and The Island
by Desmond Reed
16 pages each, 2.5" x 4", black and white
Price: $2.50 shipped for both.
Available here.

There are a couple of really fun, short mini-comics. Aloha tells the story of an annoying worm and how his friends decide to "politely" stop having lunch with him. The Island centers around a man and a dog who are stranded on a deserted island.

I really liked both of these comics, with Aloha being my favorite. They are exactly what I'm looking for in a mini-comic: fun to read and they tell a complete story. Aloha's humor is delivered with perfect timing. The Island's punchline is a bit abrupt, but still funny nonetheless. A couple of really solid, humorous, affordable comics. I've already ordered another pair of Desmond's comics.

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