Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mini-Comic a Month Challenge for April 2011 by Guest Contributor Kelly

Here's Kelly's take on three mini-comics for the month of April. You can follow Kelly on Twitter here.

When I Was a Mall Model
and Middle School
Available here

These comics are both autobiographical stories, one about working as a teen model, and the other about dealing with cliques and cattiness in middle school. I was introduced to Monica Gallagher's work through Boobage, her minicomic about having small boobs. These are all quick, fun reads.


Sugar Baby
by Nomi Kane
Available here

This collection of vignettes about being a kid with type one diabetes is the centerpiece of Nomi's master's thesis for the Center for Cartoon Studies. In Sugar Baby she covers being diagnosed, dealing with the icky parts of learning the routines of caring for herself, and facing the cluelessness of friends. These scenes are presented alongside loving tributes to her supportive family, and snapshots of just enjoying life as a kid. I love Nomi's art, and the care she takes with the physical manifestations of her comics--in this case a die cut cover and ribbon binding--is always a treat.

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