Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mini-Comic a Month Challenge for May 2011 by Guest Contributor Kelly

Here's Kelly's take on two mini-comics for the month of May. You can follow Kelly on Twitter here.


Oh gosh, I went to MoCCA Fest *and* MeCAF since writing my last post and bought so many new mini-comics it's ridiculous. There's no way I could choose which to highlight here, so I'll just share a photo from MoCCA.


"Alone Forever" by Liz Prince and "So This is What It’s Come To... A Comic Zine about The Trials andTribulations of Ok Cupid" - Liz Prince, Ramsey Beyer, Leslie Perrine, Kettner

Both available here.

Great comics about the awkwardness of dating, not dating, feeling like you may never date again. Liz Prince's comics are hilarious and honest. This isn't all self-deprecating,  vulnerable, angstiness, either--you get to meet the prickly, tough stuff side of her too.  Lots of Alone Forever comics can be found on her livejournal.

I was not that familiar with the other authors contributing to So This is What It's Come To, but the whole comic was solid. Ramsey Beyer has amazing lettering skills!

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