Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joplin, Missouri Tornado Relief

This was sent to me via Tony Shenton. I plan to mail some comics tomorrow and encourage anyone reading this to do the same:

Imagine you owned a comic shop in Joplin, MO.  And a devastating tornado destroys most of the city. Your shop remains standing, unharmed but not untouched. 

Jason Hurley's shop, Hurley's Heroes is facing this disaster as I write this.  

What would you do?  Here's what Jason did: he opened his shop as a shelter. That's right.  His customer base is decimated, but he didn't think of that. He and his brother, co-owners, are serving the community.

I've only sold Jason a few items, and I don't know him well at all, but he has asked (on the CBIA forum) for donations of comics material that's safe for all ages, which he will deliver to shelters and also those whom he is sheltering.

All of you are present or past client-publishers of mine, and I hope  you will find a way to help and be a Hurley's Hero for a day.

I recall a radio broadcast. Supermarkets? Gone. Home Depot? Gone. Chain bookstore? Gone.

But Hurley's stands.

Hurley's Heroes
attn:Jason Hurley
1515 W 10th, Suite C
Joplin MO 64801

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