Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Late Mini-Comic a Month Challenge for July by Guest Contributor Kelly

Here's Kelly's quick take on a few mini-comics for the month of July. You can follow Kelly on Twitter here.
Well, I seemed to have missed my July entry, but just so you know I'm not slacking, here are some minis I read and enjoyed:

Stuff / Striptacular Comics Revue / Party Pieces
by the British cartoonist Francesca Cassavetti
available here (with sample pages)
You can read more about her on Sarah McIntyre's blog.

Just So You Know #1 - Joey Alison Sayers
Available here.
Highly recommended! About coming out as trans.

Werewolf IV +
Were-pups: Werewolf Comics for Kids
Both of these are CCS anthologies available here.
I particularly like Annie Smith's contribution to Were-pups--check it out!

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