Thursday, April 19, 2012

Volume 17 Out Now

Candy or Medicine Vol. 17 is out now! This issue features "The Training Beard" by Bobby Mono, "Pizza Bill" by Jon Light, some lesser known awareness organizations by M Young, "Dungeon Dudes" by Buttersword, "Waltz No. 7" by Harry Nordlinger and front and back covers by Willard Herman. Good stuff all around.

You can order on the Candy or Medicine Etsy page or click the Paypal button below to order. Sixteen pages for $1.50 shipped.


Willard Herman said...


Looks good - I do feel odd saying that as it feels like I am complimenting myself [...]

Well, I *am* awesomes (^_____^) heh

David Ano said...

I got it in the mail earlier this week . Loved it!