Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FCBD - My Name is Jonah, May 5th 2012

Howdy Folks,

May 5th is Free Comic Book Day over here in Candy or Medicine Land, and coincidentally, the rest of the world. The impending documentary My Name is Jonah is releasing it's 2nd annual FCBD issue on that fateful day. Download it at the website for FREE. www.mynameisjonahfilm.com.

Check out that snazzy cover by Daniel Th1rt3en & Jake Bills!

Past Candy or Medicine alums Tori Holder, Patt Kelley, Sam Spina & [me] JB Sapienza all make contributions to the new issue. Tons of other cartoonists and writers have decided to play in the Jonah-verse this year including, Sean Hartter, Eric Shonborn & Garret Harkawik Look them up, they are worth your time.

Not a Dream! Not a  Hoax! In This issue multiple masses of misbegotten souls will DIE [at the bloody bloody hands of Jonah]!!! [multiple exclamation points, so you know we ain't foolin']

See you on May 5th and junk.

Steve Rogers

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