Monday, July 28, 2008

Why I love the Mini Comix Co-op

Maybe I'm a bit of a socialist, but I love co-ops. I shop at a co-op grocery store and belong to a co-op bank. And there's another co-op that I really dig -- Doug McNamara's Mini Comix Co-op.

There premise of the Mini Comix Co-Op is this: You send ten copies of your mini comic and you will receive ten mini comics in return. I received my third package in the past year or so from Doug on Saturday. Included in the package were Colin Tedford's Before Sleep #5, Noah Van Sciver's Chicken Strips, a 24-hour comic by Leann Leake, Bug Infested Comics #5 and five issues of Brian Payne's Zinc Comics. I also sent Doug five bucks, which I recommend you do, and he sent copies of his Bigfoot Comix and Mox Nix.

I've discovered some great comics from the Mini Comix Co-op and hope many have discovered Candy or Medicine through it. So if you publish a mini-comic, make sure you ship 10 copies to Doug. You'll be pleased with the results.

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