Monday, October 27, 2008

Mini-Comic Monday: The Cheapest S.O.B.'s

Kelly Froh's "The Cheapest S.O.B.'s" is a 14-page, quarter-sized mini-comic that came out last year. It features true stories about Froh's grandparents who really are the cheapest s.o.b.'s, as seen in the sample pages. I don't want to reveal too much, seeing as how the comic is 14 pages, but Froh has some excellent source material, something lacking in a lot of autibio comics I've read. It reminds me of some of the overtly frugal quirks about my grandparents, i.e. washing plastic cutlery.

"The Cheapest S.O.B.'s" is one of the most enjoyable mini-comics I've read. It's a quick read (I finished it on a bus ride to work), but at just a buck, you can't go wrong. You can order it, along with more comics by Froh and friends, for $1 at the Scubotch shop.

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