Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Call for submisions, Stripburger #49

I have become the newest editor of the slovenian magazine Stripburger. If you read alternative comics, this name should ring a bell. (after all we won the prize in Anguleme :) ) For those who dont know what am I talking about, go to our site : to buy our stuff head to Topshelf comics.

We need some authors for the next issue (coming in the winter, 2009). The standards are quite high, but hey you can still try. (specially Colin T., Kaperles,.. your comics are great!)

Here is the invitation:

Dear Friends,

The deadline for the next issue of Stripburger is 31 January 2009. We must also inform you, that this time we have decided to set a main theme for your comics.
You should send us comics, that reflect the theme - 8. MORTAL SIN !
If you want to submit your work, please inform us as soon as posible, also note how many pages you plan for your work.
After the deadline we will make the selection. We tend to publish only those comics, that are suitable for the concept of our magazine. Also, quality of the comic should be at highest level!

We are counting on you!

Best wishes,

Domen Finžgar

Oh yea you can send the comics directly to me.
or directly to our office, but I dont read this mail.


Josh Blair said...

Congrats on the new position, Domen. I'm sure you'll receive some great contributions.

Colin Tedford said...

Wow! Congratulations, thanks, and cool!

What are the page dimensions?