Monday, October 20, 2008

Mini-Comic Monday: Threat N Ink

Threat N Ink is a mini-comic anthology, edited by Jethro Wall, that I recently discovered and wish I had discovered earlier. Currently in its third issue (Wall informs me the fourth issue will be out soon) Threat N Ink is a thick (40 pages!), half-sized comic featuring mostly humor or manga-influenced comics by Jethro, his wife, Midori, who illustrates a cutesy manga-influenced strip about Jethro and his dog, and a bevy of other comic artists (including one of my favorite mini-comic publishers, Steve Steiner of Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs fame).

Some of my favorites include Matt Rice's "Hummingbirdman," a superhero spoof that can also been seen on his Web site, Alex Chiu's illustrations, Nick Sedillos' "the Skriblemenn" and Wall's "Otis and Enos," about a father and son from the backwoods of Mississippi, and "Bad Deer," seen below. Chock full of entertaining and hilarious comics, Threat N Ink is a great place to discover some new favorite artists.

copyright 2008 Jethro Wall

I believe each issue is $4. Jethro also publishes Banzai, a zine focusing around music (specifically punk/thrashcore/power violence), comics and anime. To order either publication, or to inquire about contributing to Threat N Ink, contact Jethro at threatnink(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

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