Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mini-comic Mond...err...Tuesday

I kind of dropped the ball with reviewing last week with the Heroes Expo and all, but I definitely plan to review something each week. This week's review comes from Japan.

The four issues of Ariko "Inomi" Kitsu's illustrated zine, Silly Little Song, feature bright colors and cheery full-color cut-and-paste illustrations (along with some black and white illustrations). Topics mainly consist of fashion, boys and music, especially Pete Townsend and The Who.

Issue 1 is titled “Dedicated Follower of Boy’s Fasion,” where Ariko discusses her favorite men’s fashion styles along with illustrations of them. Also included is instructions to knit your own scarf.

Issue 2 is titled “I’m a Boy,” and discusses what boys like along with illustrations to accompany various songs, including Beastie Boys “Fight for Your Right” and The Who “I’m a Boy” and “I’m One.”

Issue 3, titled “Jump Boys,” features illustrations of skateboarders along with Ariko’s taste of skateboarding/skateboarders. From the introduction: “I hate immediate skateboard’s dirty and manlike images. Skateboard (sic) is more cool, funky, cute, healthy and fun! So I draw this zine.”

Issue 4 is titled “Last Night,” and is the first “all fiction” issue. The story focuses on Dick Kirkpatric, private detective, trying to find a candy store thief. It ends abruptly, leaving the tale open for another issue, and instead shows detective ads and movie posters, illustrated by Ariko.

The best ways to describe Silly Little Song are cute and fun, short and sweet. You can tell Ariko has a good time making these, and while there might not be a lot to them, they sure are fun to look at.

You can order Silly Little Song, and see previews, on Ariko's Etsy page, and also view more work by Ariko on her Flickr page and her Web site.

I liked Ariko's zines so much I asked her to contribute to Candy or Medicine. Expect to see detective Dick Kirkpatric in Candy or Medicine Volume Six, which will be out around the new year.

[Edit: The original post had Ariko's name misspelled as Ariku. Also, I should note that the top photo I took and the others came from Ariko's Etsy page, used with permission.]