Monday, November 17, 2008

Mini-Comic Monday: Comics on Fire #1

Paul Hack's mini-comic debut, Comics on Fire #1, is a half-sized mini-comic featuring mostly one- and two-page comic strips that are of the humor or experimental flavor (sometimes both). Inside you'll find robots, asteroids, amoeba, cats, urban legends, fear and other zany concepts and characters. Some of the gags are clever, some are wokka wokka and some are laugh out loud, and overall Comics on Fire is 100 percent enjoyable.

The sample page, courtesy of Paul's blog, is one of my favorites (click it for a larger version). That last panel is comedy gold. I'd say my one criticism is that the comic "A Fictional Story" doesn't really fit in with the rest (it's about smoking pot and illustrating at the same time). But that's probably because 1. I don't really care for autobiographical stuff and 2. I'm straight edge. To each his own, though.

Comics on Fire sports full color front and back covers with some random doodles on the inside front cover and little glyphs (I can't think of a better word to describe them) on the inside back cover. I really liked the glyphs. A very nice way to end the comic. Keep the funny coming, Paul.

Comics on Fire #1 costs $3. Visit Paul's blog to order.

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