Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Candy or Medicine is now represented by Tony Shenton, indy sales rep. Tony represents self-publishers, publishers of mini-comics and the like from publishers such as Drawn & Quarterly, Last Gasp and Microcosm to friends of mine and creators whose work I enjoy, such as Jeff Zwirek, Neil Fitzpatrick, and Derf. What this means is that Candy or Medicine will be seen on more store shelves, such as Cosmic Monkey Comics in Portland and the legendary Comic Relief in Berkeley (my first two orders!).

I think this is a good move because 1. it gets Candy or Medicine into new markets, new hands and gets it new exposure and 2. it allows people in those areas to purchase Candy or Medicine at a lower cost, not having to pay shipping costs. Not only does this mean more money in the consumers' pockets, but also less money for the evil company that is Paypal in the form of fees and less money for the evilest company of them all (the U.S. Government) in the form of postage.

I'd also like to thank the following shops for carrying Candy or Medicine on a consistent basis: Cloud City Comics and Toys (Syracuse, NY), Samurai Comics (Phoenix, AX), Books Galore (Erie, Pa) and the Sticky Institute (Melbourne, Australia). It really means a lot to have brick-and-mortar stores carry your publication in this Internet age.


Shannon Smith said...

Sounds like a good move. Good luck!

finžgar said...

Nice move.

Thanks for the package. New candy (or is it medicine :) )is great! Love the cover, and the plaster.

I know i havent send you anything yet, but you shuld expect something in your mailbox hopefully in december. This time for real :)


Paul Hack said...

That's awesome, Josh! By the way, Volume 5 was the best yet. I'll be sending some work soon as I can.

JB said...

great news man!

Anonymous said...

That is excellent news, Josh!