Friday, March 27, 2009


I won't be there, but next Saturday, April 4, Shannon Smith will be at FLUKE in Athens, Georgia. In addition to having his comics for sale, which you should pick up, he will have copies of Candy or Medicine to sell/hand out/trade.

Also, SPACE in Columbus, Ohio is in three weeks. There will be a three Candy or Medicine contributors there: Matt Feazell, Daniel Olson and Dan Taylor. In a big (possible) update, I might also be attending, but not exhibiting, one day. Not sure which yet. I'll be visiting my family in Northern Kentucky that weekend, so I'll only be two hours away. There's no way I could pass up going while being that close. Can't wait to see some familiar (and new) faces and to buy and trade for some awesome comics. I'll have all in-print issues of Candy or Medicine, including the Free Comic Book Day Special, on hand as well as my mini-comic "lunarcy."

In other news, remember when I illustrated the cover of JERK? Well, the new issue, cover dated 3/2009, features the cover again -- twice! Once on the letters page, and once in a photograph of Patrick Doyle, composer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, holding the issue featuring my cover. It was kind of weird seeing it again, but very cool nonetheless.

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