Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comics for Cures

Comics for Cures is a charity event run by the Blue Line Pro/Comics 2 Games folks where they are auctioning 1,148 sketch cards with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. They are also having an in-store event at their store in Florence, KY (suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio) on April 4.

I illustrated three cards and my two-and-a-half-year-old son, Ian, illustrated a card. Click the titles to go to the auction and bid. For some reason, the shipping charges are really high. I've been meaning to ask them about cheaper shipping options.

Lunarcy by Josh Blair

Orion by Josh Blair

Popeye by Josh Blair

Camel by Ian Blair

In other news, shout out to Rob Jackson, who stocked Candy or Medicine Vol. 6 at the UK Web & Mini-Comic Thing last Saturday. It's cool to see Candy or Medicine in another country. Thanks, Rob.

1 comment:

JB inks said...

My Cow & Chicken sketch sold for a dollar!

I really like your Popeye and Orion. I almost bought your son's but my compute kept messing up. so I had to give up.