Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Fantastica

The Super Fantastica Comix 2009 Edition is out now. In it, you will find 88 pages of great comics including one written by me and illustrated by SFC publisher (and Candy or Medicine contributor) Daniel J Olson and one by Candy or Medicine contributor Ray N. Order it here.

On April 19, I met Daniel and his friend Ryan Dow at SPACE, where I also met Candy or Medicine contributor Dan W. Taylor and Candy or Medicine's #1 fan Jim Main (more on that later), and it was cool to meet people I've known only via e-mail in person. Plus, I got to pick up a copy of Daniel's award-winning comic, Super Maxi-Pad Girl.

In other contributor news, Inomi has a new issue of Silly Little Song out, along with a ton of other items, and you can order one on her Etsy site.

P.S. Free Comic Book Day is four days away. You can pick up the Candy or Medicine Free Comic Book Day Special at more than 30 stores nationwide. More on this tomorrow.

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