Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Noah Van Sciver All Over the Place

If you're one of the 700+ people who have read the Candy or Medicine Free Comic Book Day Special or one of the 100 or so who have read Apartment 307, or if you've read the latest issue of MOME, The Comics Journal or Mineshaft, then you know who Noah Van Sciver is.

Well lately (and by lately I mean the past week or so), Noah has been all over the place. Acme Comics has a nice interview with him, there's a video he produced of a radio interview he did and today, his work appeared on the must-follow Covered blog.

Noah is a very talented artist and is getting a lot of much-deserved press lately. I'm a big fan of his work and look forward to reading his self-published comic Blammo! as well as the aforementioned issues of MOME and The Comics Journal. Whether I'll plop down twelve big ones for TCJ or just read it at the bookstore remains to be seen. Also, there is some other big NVS news forthcoming, but I'm currently not at liberty to discuss it. More to come.

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