Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finally an update

Things have been pretty hectic lately, so I haven't had time to update, but I wanted to post something on here for all six followers. Last Tuesday, and Shake It Records in Cincinnati, I saw John Porcellino, Noah Van Sciver and Carol Tyler. John and Noah were on their way to SPX and Carol was there as an observer (she's a professor at UC and asked her class to attend). It was cool to see some great comix creators in town. Plus, I never realized Shake It has such a great alternative/underground/mini-comic selection (which now includes Candy or Medicine, lunarcy and Apartment 307). When I have more money, I will spend it there.

Also, there is a collectable/toy show coming to Cincinnati in November and a small comic show the next weekend. I will be in attendance at both, hopefully trading/handing out comics and adding to my Super Powers and treasury comics collections.

From left to right: Noah, Me, my son Ian, John and Carol

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JB inks said...

cool. I'm looking forward to the next issue, and whatever random comics you have coming out on a date to be determined...cough.