Friday, January 22, 2010


This has been kind of a long time coming, but I wanted to mention I had letters it two (count 'em two!) comics recently, both published by friends of Candy or Medicine.

The first was in Blammo #4 by Noah Van Sciver, who appeared in the Candy or Medicine Free Comic Book Day 2009 Special and in Apartment 307.

The second letter appeared in Jonny Smeby's Mulder & Bolder in: "The Moon Rock." Jonny's artwork will be gracing the cover of Candy or Medicine Vol. 9, which should be out in March.

Blammo and Mulder and Bolder are two of my favorite comics being published. Noah has a new issue of Blammo out (available here) and Jonny tells me he will be working on a new issue of Mulder and Bolder soon, after he finished the fourth and final issue of his comic series Jonny RPG. You don't see too many letters columns anymore, especially in self-published comics, so it's cool to see there are still some around.

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