Monday, February 8, 2010

Good Mail Day

I love a good mail day. Luckily for me, Friday was a good mail day. Via trading, I received envelopes from Sam Spina, Justin Giampaoli, Jeff Wilson and Mister Ben (his actually came Saturday, but close enough).

Sam sent his mini-comics Sharker the Forgotten, Hoodle Origins and Fresh to Death. I've been waiting to read Sharker when I have some free time, but the other two I read and really enjoyed. Hoodle Origins, as it name suggests, tells the origin of an alien known as a Hoodle. The main character finally learns the truth about his people after being consistently lied to by his grandfather. Fresh to Death follows two clubsters and the fateful meeting with their favorite DJ.

Sam also does watercolor commissions for $5. I sent him a fiver (actually I Paypaled him) and a request for something to do with "space," as that is a topic in which my three-year-old son is interested. The painting Sam did was more than I imagined and something worth way more than five bucks. My son loved it. I highly recommend everyone not only ordering Sam's comics, but also commissioning him for a painting. I'll definitely frame mine and hang it in my son's bedroom. I'll make sure to post a photo when I get a chance.

Justin trading copies of his mini-comics The Mercy Killing and Blood Orange. I especially enjoyed Blood Orange. It was a quick read, but the point of the story hit home. It's an autobiographical piece of a tough time in Justin's childhood.

Jeff, who is pals with Candy or Medicine contributors Maggie Morrill and Mister Ben, sent me copies of his comic SAP and the anthology Tales from the Keg. SAP is a big comic about punk rockers, aliens and some other crazy things.

Mister Ben, whose work can be send in the latest issue of Candy or Medicine, sent the latest issue of his zine Freezer Burn, which has a nice hand-screened cover along with some comics and rantings. I haven't actually read all of this yet, but look forward to doing so. There's actually a lot to read, so you'll definitely get your money's worth when you order this zine.

Thanks again to these fine folks and all the others who enjoy trading comics and zines. It's a great way to discover new work.

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