Monday, February 22, 2010

Adventures in Mini Comics

Hello everyone! Hey, has anyone seen Josh? I wonder if
someone stole him maybe, because I'm pretty sure he
shouldn't made an update by now. Oh well, I will for him!
I'm Jonny by the way, a lifelong artist, well, drawer from
California. I was wondering what I might write for my first
post and decided why not talk about how I got into mini
comics in the first place?
Back in February 2008, I was exploring a city called
Berkeley, which is full of college punks and hippies or
something. Oh, and tree sitters. Just look it up, you'll
see. Anyway, so I found this small independent book store
called Pegasus Books on Shattuck Ave. And that's where I
found it. The very first mini comic I came into contact
with. It was sitting in this little tiny box on a shelf of
other comics. But these comics were DIFFERENT. REALLY
I was astounded. It contained what appeared to be little
comic books which were obviously made by local people using
what appeared to be photo copiers and staplers. And they
were just sitting there, for sale, in a store! It amazed me!
So I sure as heck wasn't going to leave without buying one.
So I bought my first mini comic: A fairly thick 5.5x8.5"
book called Adventures In Bicycling by Stefanie Kalem and
illustrated by Serina Koester.
I took it home and read the
whole thing, which took a while because it's really rather
long actually. It was a fairly interesting story too. I'll
admit though, the drawings were downright terrible. At least by most standards (I liked everyone's style almost). I say this because up to this point I'd only seen more mainstream comics that apparently had to meet a certain standard of drawing quality it seems. But this comic was BETTER than those. These people didn't give a dang about any higher
drawing standards. They just flat out MADE the comic without
anyone stopping them. And heck, it was in a real live bookstore too, dang it! I'm not sure where or if you can still get a copy of Adventures In Bicycling, but you can probably ask this person who looks remarkably like the woman the comic is based on.
Well, after this began my own adventures in mini comics
where I made my first mini sketchbook called Draw Hard,
which is very rare being that I only made and sold a few and
sold online and at Pegasus Books (yep!). Since then I
finished my first mini comic series Jonny RPG (shameless plug!) this month and
several other comics. So a big thanks goes to the authors of
Adventures In Bicycling from me!

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