Monday, March 8, 2010

Greetings from Cartoonia

This is a little late coming (considering the book came out in October), but Justin Giampaoli's review at Poopsheet prompted me to finally post about Greetings from Cartoonia.Published by Stripburger, the excellent comic anthology magazine based out of Slovenia, Greetings from Cartoonia brings together artists from all across Europe to create a new land, based upon cartoons, dubbed Cartoonia.

The editors of Stripburger/Cartoonia were nice enough to ask me to proofread all of the text for the book. It came about because Domen Finzgar, a Candy or Medicine contributor/friend, asked me to edit one of his comics that he translated into English. Domen is now a part of the Cartoonia team and must have put in a good word for me. It was a fun project and I was glad to be a part of it. I saw all of the artwork before it saw print, minus one comic, the awesome cover by Jure Englsberger and the fold-out map. It cool to see the finished project after seeing all of the individual pieces. The editors were also nice enough to send me a bunch of Cartoonia books as payment:

I'm not very good at writing reviews, so I suggest you read Justin's take on it. But make sure to read the comments (including my own) to get the full picture. It's translated to English, but still meant for an audience where English is their second or third language. I didn't translate the text, but in proofreading it, I decided to keep some of the colloquialisms. I'd highly recommend this book and all of the other Stripburger comics and books. There are a lot of great European artists that we never see much of (or at all) stateside.

There was also a traveling exhibit associated with the book. You can order the book through Stripburger's Web site and through Top Shelf Comix.

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