Thursday, April 15, 2010

Allergy Season Update

A few quick bits:

  • I recently received the newest issue of WTF!?! from Jim Main. This issue features a one-page comic by yours truly that I think it kind of cool. WTF!?! #2 is 20 digest-sized pages with full colors covers for $2. The title of the comic is the theme, which greatly varies from artist to artist. You can order it here.

  • Thanks to Emberley Galaxy publisher Joe Kuth, the Candy or Medicine Free Comic Book Day Special will be available for an early release at Shake It Records in Cincinnati, Ohio for the Third Annual Record Store Day this Saturday. I was going to have them there for Free Comic Book Day, but figured it made much more sense to have them there for Record Store Day considering Shake It is a record store and all and they should have a decent crowd what with the in store performances/signings and the exclusive records for sale that day. Shake It also now has Candy or Medicine Volume Nine and Collections for sale.

  • I hate pollen. Ragweed too.

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    O Arrow said...

    Bought it, looks awesome!