Thursday, April 8, 2010

SPACE 2010

I recently received an update from Bob Corby, the organizer of SPACE, and I'm getting really excited for the show. Nick Marino and I will be at booth 19, next to Brian John Mitchell and Melissa Spence Gardner of Silber Media, whose comics I've heard good things about, and Mike Carroll, whose comics I enjoy. I'm also excited about meeting Trees and Hills publisher (and Candy or Medicine contributor) Colin Tedford, who is traveling all the way from the great state of Vermont with some Center for Cartoon Studies alumni.

I'm going to miss most of the day Saturday because my three-year-old son has his first soccer game that day (plus I'm the coach!), but I'll be there about 3 p.m. and will be there all day Sunday. Also, Nick was nice enough to agree to man my half of the table and sell copies of Candy or Medicine, lunarcy, Apartment 307 and Collections during my absence. I should also have a few other surprise things for sale. More to come on that.

After the show, I'm certainly going to have lots of photos and videos (and comics, of course), so I'll make sure to post them here afterward. Free Comic Book Day is the weekend after SPACE, so there are a lot of exciting things coming up soon. Not to mention I'm buying a house in May. Lots to do, you know?

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