Monday, June 28, 2010

Volume Ten Preview

I finished Volume Ten yesterday and will have a proof printed hopefully tonight. I'm expecting to have finished copies in hand this weekend. The final contributor list is:

Still sixteen, half-sized, black and white pages printed on 32-lb paper. Still only a buck (plus shipping, of course). 

This issue is notable for two reasons: 1. it has the smallest number of contributors (not including Volume One, which was all my own work) and 2. it has the longest contribution yet in Alberto's seven-page "O Cicla Da Vida." These two points obviously correlate; I could only fit a fewer amount of contributors because of the long comic. Normally I try to limit contributions to five pages, but I made an exception because Alberto's comic is really great. I've also had to push it back twice because of the large volume of submissions I've received in the past year or so. I try to fit in as many people as I can, so I had to continue to delay publication of Alberto's comic. I'm glad I finally have the opportunity to publish it.

Eventually, I'd like to expand each issue to 20 pages (or even 24) in order to publish more and/or longer comics, but right now I don't have the funds to do that. I'm hoping that in a year or two, this will be a reality.


Nick Marino said...

congrats on another issue! ten strong!!!

Josh Blair said...

Thanks, Nick. Technically it's the 13th issue when you count the FCBD Specials.

JB inks said...

This looks awesome man! happy 13th!