Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apartment 307...One Year Later Out Now

Three new mini-comics in one week? That's right.

Apartment 307... One Year Later is a sequel to last year's smash hit Apartment 307.

Written by Josh Blair and Pete Borrebach. Illustrated by Noah Van Sciver and Nick Marino.

Apartment 307...One Year Later tells the tale of the battle between comics artists Noah Van Sciver and Josh Blair. Wealth, deception, corruption and a surprise ending.

Eight pages, quarter-sized, black and white, printed on premium paper. Only $1 shipped.


William Cardini said...

A sequel? I'm stoked!

JB inks said...

apt 307... one year later was pretty awesome. Loved the art and the writing made me laugh pretty loud.

great idea.

Josh Blair said...

Glad you liked it, JB. Even more glad that I could make you laugh.