Wednesday, December 22, 2010

RIP Journalista

 Today was the final installment of Journalista. I share Shannon Smith's sentiments that this is a detriment to the mini-comic/self publishing world. Dirk was a cool guy and would often link to things I sent him. There aren't too many of the big blogs who post mini-comic news, events, etc. I'm not sure if I ever got any sales based upon links to this blog (maybe one), but it sounds like others did.

Journalista used to even have a small press section before the redesign. The Comics Reporter, Robot 6 and others don't really do the same thing that Journalista did. They have more in-depth commentary, which doesn't really lend itself well to the quick announcement style of link-blogging. Oh well, I guess I'll have to find another comic news site to waste time on.

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kuš! said...

That's a pity:( Blogs we enjoy are the following:

Didn't really ever help us to generate much sales, but there are lots of nice things to discover...