Monday, December 27, 2010

My Name Is JONAH... NEW theatrical trailer

The new trailer will launch at 7pm EST tonight.

be the first to check it out at:

Want a refresher in all Things JONAH before 7pm? check out the site!

Make sure to click on the FAN ART page where you can see contributions by fellow CorMers: Josh Blair, Noah Van Scriver, Ray N., Me [JB Sapienza], Patt Kelley & Matt Feazell! As well as other awesome comic guys Jim Mahfood [aka FOOD ONE], Karl Stevens, Franco... plus many more. So if you're reading this you should take your own shot at capturing the man, the myth, the legend... JONAH.

In the meantime check out our new trailer at 7pm. Support Independent art!

and of course check us out on facebook:

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