Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mini-Comic a Month Challenge for January 2011: Stupid Tales of Wolverine

Stupid Tales of Wolverine
by Julia Gfrörer and Brodie Kelly
28 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
Hand-stitched binding, silkscreened cover
Price: $3 + $1.80 shipping
Available here

The title of this comic if a fitting one; it certainly does contain some stupid tales. Luckily, the tales that are stupid good outweigh the tales that are stupid bad. On the stupid good side are one liners such as "I am Professor Charles 'Chuck X' Xavier. I always sit down because my X-Men give me constant boners. That is also why I must wear this blanket. My boners must never be a disruption to the cause of peaceful mutant liberation." We also are privy to gems such as Hank McCoy's scrotal funk, Jean Grey's bunghole, Jubilee's farts, vegan Spider-Man and Logan eating his own testicles (which is interesting, considering they would grow back).

On the stupid bad side are hobo comics strewn here and there, plus a throwaway e-mail sign up sheet from the PDX Zine Symposium (which I couldn't determine as a joke or not). A few of the pages also get cut off, making some of the text unreadable. However, the silkscreened cover is nice and there is, I believe, a hand-written joke which I assume is unique to each copy. I enjoy personal touches like those.

Definitely one of the more interesting superhero spoofs I've seen and just as worthy of your three bucks as those Strange Tales comics Marvel has been publishing lately.


Sam Spina said...

i LOVE this idea of a mini-comic a month club kinda thing. I'm going to buy all of them!

Josh Blair said...

It'll be like Oprah's book club, except for mini-comics.

Kelly said...

For others taking the challenge, how would you like them submitted? Great idea!

Josh Blair said...

Kelly: If you'd like, either e-mail them to me at info (at) candyormedicine (dot) com or I can add you as an author to the blog. Let me know. Thanks!