Monday, January 17, 2011

Volume Twelve Out Now

Candy or Medicine Volume Twelve is on sale now. Volume Twelve features Trouble at Carl's Jr. by Kyle Nolan, Thesil & Murk by Sam Spina, Box Lunch by Steven Myers, Babies in Distress by Bobby Mono, a Captain Planet parody by Ray N, Cartographer of the Impasse by Willard Herman, Things I Hear at Lunch by Tori Holder and a wild cover by William Cardini.

Sixteen, black and white, quarter-sized pages, lovingly stapled and folded by hand. Printed on premium, bright 32 lb. paper, not the cheap stuff. You can see and feel the difference.

Only $1 (plus 50 cents shipping in the U.S.). Order directly from the source by clicking the Paypal button below, or buy in a handful of stores across the country (and one in Australia!) starting soon.

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