Monday, March 21, 2011

Mini-Comic a Month Challenge for March 2011 by Guest Contributor Kelly

Kelly once again provides us with her contribution to the Mini-Comic a Month Challenge. You can follow Kelly on Twitter here.

Come Back, and Knives
Available here

I was captivated by James Hindle's Little Wolves, which you can read online here. It mixes despair and humiliation in a compelling storyline with a three-dimensional main character. Come Back and Knives can be read on Hindle's site also. Though a bit shorter they are just as fleshed-out, satisfying and uncomfortable.

Feels Nice: Short Stories
Available here

Feels Nice collects five short stories (previously available as minicomics) by Eliza Frye. Most of the stories are not fully formed, making me wonder if a longer story might come out of them eventually, or sequels, but the big draw here is the art. It's lush and gorgeous and makes you want to haul off and buy one of the many prints she makes available from the pages of the book. I ended up with The Forlorn Butcher.

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Sam Spina said...

I LOOOOOVE james hindle, all of his minicomics are absolutely incredible