Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Candy or Medicine Volume Fourteen Preview

Candy or Medicine Volume Fourteen will be out sometime next month. To tide you over, here are the contributors as well as the cover:

  • John Dimes (cover)
  • Daniel Folgar (one page)
  • Danny Ferbert (one page)
  • Emi Gennis (four pages)
  • Patt Kelley (five pages)
  • Lauren Barnett (two pages)
  • JB Sapienza (one page)


Kyle Nolan said...

Looks great! Can't wait until it comes out.


Great cover art. I wish I draw some stuff for this zine :D

Sam Spina said...

sweet cover! i forget, are there CoM subscriptions?

JB Sapienza said...

Really digging the cover!

Josh Blair said...

Sam: There sure are subscriptions. Just look for the paypal button at the right of the blog.