Friday, July 22, 2011

New Comic: How to Successfully Make an Incognito Dubbed VHS Porn Tape

 You like how you can see my foot in this picture?

Or "Incognito" for short. In case you haven't heard enough from me lately, I made a new comic last night, in my basement no less! It was the first comic I've printed on my new (old) Brother laser printer. I'm hoping to do most of my printing at home now. I didn't have a paper trimmer, so I had to use scissors, but I hope to purchase one today.

Anyway, this is some low-brow stuff here. Don't expect anything too raunchy, though, as it's barely PG-13. It's a random idea by me, sort of a love letter to being 15 years old, illustrated by my Brit pal Russ Walton, who you might remember from his Evil Ed and Nasty Ted in a couple issues of Candy or Medicine.

How to Successfully make an Incognito Dubbed VHS Porn Tape (longest mini-comic title ever, perhaps?) is eight, black-and-white, quarter-sized pages printed on nice paper (not that cheap stuff). And best of all, it is only 75 95 cents shipped (in the U.S.). You heard me, only 75 95 cents shipped! It doesn't get much cheaper than that. Or if you order it along with an issue of Candy or Medicine, it's only 25 cents extra. (I had to update the price because I didn't realize PayPal fees were so high. At 75 cents shipped, it ended up costing me a couple of cents to sell one, and that doesn't make any sense!)

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JB Sapienza said...

I liked it, Even if it was about 12 years too late to be of any real good. Thanks internet.