Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mini-Comic a Month Challenge for August 2011

I'm a bit late on this one because I've been pretty busy lately plus I was very sick yesterday. So here is my take as well as Kelly's take on a few comics for this month.

N.Y.D.I.: A History in Publishing
by Jesse Reklaw
Twenty pages, color covers, black and white interiors.
Available here.

 This is a fun (and kind of depressing) look at Jesse Reklaw's experiences with publishing his work. He starts off self-publishing, then eventually finds a publisher, only to learn it's not all that he dreamt it would be.

Manhole no. 3
by Mardou
$5 shipped
40 pages, color cover, b&w interior
Available here.

Not really what I expected it to be, but nonetheless not too bad. Maybe if I had read the first two I would have enjoyed it mroe? This comic was nominated for the 2009 Maisie Kukoc Award for Comics Inspiration. Also, each copy comes with a hand-drawn postcard.

The Burning
Available here 

Sam and John each made a short comic about an incident from their childhood. They've been friends since first grade and both became artists. The comics appear together (you can flip the comic after finishing one to see the other) so you can see how they each portray the event. Fun little book and it's only ONE DOLLAR! 
Bowling Ace

This is a nice tale of cross-generational female bowling power! The mini is lovely but you can also read it on Megan's website. I'd think my young nieces will enjoy it, too.

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