Friday, August 26, 2011

Volumes 14 and 15 Now on Sale!

So the big secret is that I'm releasing Candy or Medicine Volumes 14 & 15 simultaneously. The reason? 1. I've never done it before. 2. This is the first time that I've had all of the material for two issues at one time (thanks to all the contributors for being very punctual!).

So for $2 (plus shipping, of course), you will receive both issues, held together by a handy dandy, uhh... jacket? I'm not really sure what to call it. Note: if you are a subscriber (hi, all three of you!), this obviously counts as two issues.


Anyway, here's the lineup:

Volume 14
  • John Dimes (cover)
  • Daniel Folgar
  • Patt Kelley
  • Lauren Barnett
  • Emi Gennis
  • Danny Ferbert
  • JB Sapienza
Volume 15

  • Dexter Cockburn (cover)
  • Angel de Leon
  • Sergio Lucero
  • Jonny Smeby
  • Pierre Retrayt
  • Joe Badon
  • Bobby Mono
  • Alex Campbell
  • Migle Anusauskaite


Kyle Nolan said...

They call it a bellyband.

Dan said...

can't wait to get the issues!

Kyle Nolan said...

Got my copies in the mail today. Great stuff!