Monday, September 19, 2011

Cincinnati Comic Expo Recap

Lovingly hand-made items on the left. Mass-produced crap on the right.

I had a great time at the Cincinnati Comic Expo on Saturday. I made a pretty good chunk of change selling toys, back issues and graphic novels. And, as expected, I made a few sales of the comics I publish. I've found that the mainstream comics crowd doesn't cross over well into the mini/indie comics crowd. But I did meet some cool people and a couple people actually knew about my comics already (always a plus!). It was also nice running into some friends/acquaintances of mine such as Tom Bolton (who illustrated the cover of this week's CityBeat), Dan W. Taylor (Candy or Medicine contributor!), Mike Maydak and Bruce Chrislip (80's underground comix artist). I didn't get a chance to meet Jim Steranko because I was too busy running my table, but oh well.

I was in a nice, high-traffic spot, and my table neighbors, Mutant Cactus, were cool dudes. They make buttons and the like (I picked up some Batgirl and Wonder Woman hair clips for my daughters).

Overall, a really good show. Not a big fan of the Duke Energy Convention Center, though. I know they might stick with it again next year, but I'm hoping they find something a bit more intimate with better (free!) parking and easier load-in/load-out.

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